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Robin Coops


Robin Coops is a director for film/opera productions and a composer-musician. He studied at the Theatre Academy in Maastricht and followed the directing programme. He finished his masters at the Conservatory in The Hague in collaboration with the composition department and the theatre group ‘de Veenfabriek’ from Paul Koek. He had composing lessons from: Cornelis de Bondt, Guus Janssen and Yannis Kyriakides. After his studies he worked, besides his own work, as an intern and assistant at ‘De Nederlandse Reisopera’, ‘De Nationale Opera’ and ‘Toneelgroep Amsterdam’.

Robin is searching for the dialogue between different disciplines to create his vision of a 21st century ‘gesamtkunstwerk’. He doesn’t thinks in boundaries, but instead each time he questions himself which kind of form the work asks for.

His work has a detailed focus on the movements of sound, space and the body of the performers. He composes the structure of the performance in a close relation with his performers in which each performer, as in a jazz band, can still improvise. He prefers extreme concepts in which often the staging ends in a very minimalistic setting. New technologies are a big part of the creating process. In his work Robin keeps searching for universal languages, so there are no boundaries for each individual audience member in experiencing the performance.


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